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P003 - An Evidence Based Quality Improvement Project of the Impact of a Nurse Practitioner Led Heart Failure, Self-Care Focused, Patient Education on Healthcare Related Quality of Life


  • Dr. Tal Sraboyants, DNP, NP-C, CHFN, Assistant Director, FNP Program, Samuel Merritt University
Tags: Research

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Stephanie Barnes
6/16/21 7:29 pm

Nice job!

Alina Antanesian
6/17/21 12:16 pm

We use KCCQs as well in our Adv. Hear Failure clinic

Kimberly Fowler
6/17/21 1:27 pm

great work!

Amanda McCann
6/18/21 1:26 pm

The KCCQ is new to me, I am new to HF. But this poster presentation shows excellent use of the tool and the importance of nurse-led patient initiatives. Thank you.